Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deacon - Pirate Radio (new songs,artwork,masters)

This kick ass album was posted earlier but was recently updated with a new song called 19 (A Day In The Life) which happens to be one of the best on the album! Song begins with cellos and Deacon's vocal harmonies making a comeback. THEN! it combines Brian Wilson's Smile song "Child Is The Father Of The Man" with The Beatles "A Day In The Life". Over the top of that, you have Deacon singing in between his brother Walker showing his inner NAS. Its rad. The updated file here also contains new artwork and a couple bonus tracks including a song called "The News". Sick song that should have been on the album! The chorus of this outcast standout kicks much ass -"Every black man's gonna rob you just like every white girl ain't got no ass. War is the only solution just like peace is nothing more than two fingers and a J. All the vato's are illegal just like We The People came from a native hand. All beautiful girls are retarded just like that's a big problem to the alpha male" That's just the update! The entire 23 song double album is unbelievably worthy of a download. Currently, this is a free download although available on itunes as well. DOWNLOAD HERE