Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deacon - Pirate Radio (new songs,artwork,masters)

This kick ass album was posted earlier but was recently updated with a new song called 19 (A Day In The Life) which happens to be one of the best on the album! Song begins with cellos and Deacon's vocal harmonies making a comeback. THEN! it combines Brian Wilson's Smile song "Child Is The Father Of The Man" with The Beatles "A Day In The Life". Over the top of that, you have Deacon singing in between his brother Walker showing his inner NAS. Its rad. The updated file here also contains new artwork and a couple bonus tracks including a song called "The News". Sick song that should have been on the album! The chorus of this outcast standout kicks much ass -"Every black man's gonna rob you just like every white girl ain't got no ass. War is the only solution just like peace is nothing more than two fingers and a J. All the vato's are illegal just like We The People came from a native hand. All beautiful girls are retarded just like that's a big problem to the alpha male" That's just the update! The entire 23 song double album is unbelievably worthy of a download. Currently, this is a free download although available on itunes as well. DOWNLOAD HERE

Monday, May 11, 2009

Deacon and ChromeDome (2009)

Deacon's solo album "Pirate Radio" features ChromeDome (hip hop prodigy) on the track "High School Pleasure" and now finally a full album with this dynamic duo. This is THE shit. Clubs are blasting this album all in Cali, Seattle and Ontario currently. Watch out for this group and download their new album now. There I said it!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dumb Angel - Glamour For Sale II (2005)

In 2005, Dumb Angel's Glamour For Sale II was recorded at The Psychedelic Daycare Studios in Fayetteville,AR and Tulsa,OK at Jeff Smothers compound. Sessions were notoriously marathon style sometimes writing and recording three songs in one evening. This album shows DA exploring through dark, heavy and ambient rock&roll except, unlike Glamour For Sale I, this album has a depth that truly captures an atmosphere. Vocals are huge and held up by a massive army of guitars and string arrangements. "Blackout" is an explosion of powerful vocals and Queen like guitar layers. "Like Medicine" is probably the darkest groove I've ever heard. "Personal Crime" is a perfect example of setting an atmosphere with beautiful string arrangements and haunting lyrics about witnessing a suicide in Central Park, Dumb Angel also cover Velvet Underground's "New Age" on this stellar album. Download Here

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dumb Angel - Glamour For Sale I (2003)

Heavy full length debut album from Dumb Angel. From the first to the last song, this album displays raw power and heavy guitar riffs (think QOTSA,Bowie and Sabbath "73)

Recorded in 2003 in Fayetteville,AR in an old library.


Deacon - Pirate Radio (2009)

download here
Eclectic artist from Tulsa, OK influenced by Brain Wilson (Pet Sounds/Smile), The Flaming Lips, QOTSA, Marvin Gaye, Sonic Youth, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Oasis, Del
Plays guitar and bass left handed and plays most of the instruments on his songs.
Songs usually have 8-part background vocal harmonies and a wide lead vocal range.
Deacon has written and recorded over 650 songs since 2000.
He is a songwriter under Michael McDonald’s publishing company
Deacon also sings background vocal harmonies on Michael McDonald’s cover of “Walk On By” from his latest album “Soul Speak”

Check out more of Deacon's music at where regularly new songs in the making are displayed weekly.


1. Intro - Take a deep breath and discover vocal harmonies.

2. Halo Hoedown - this is a good feeling rock explosion. When someone asks you what this song is about, you tell them it’s about a My Morning Jacket concert held in Nashville right off of the Cumberland River. The “Little Jack” refers to the bass player of The Raconteurs whom you would most likely see at a venue in Nashville if you have decent taste in modern Rock&Roll. “Alabaster dolls and champagne shivers” is a great lyric to remember. Lift your spirit and enjoy.

3. So Serious - Welcome to funk. This nasty big banger starts a party with grit and vintage synth soul. Wu-tang shines within. The lyrics come out with four arms swinging. Supposedly, Deacon and long time guitarist Peter Reis wrote and recorded this groove in an apartment bedroom immediately after moving to Nashville. Once happy hour showed up, they were finished recording and threw a messy shindig that never ended. Playing chicken with two Ferrari's type shit. Drop the serious and bob that head like you got swing baby ‘cause you know you do!

4. Dear J, - Above and beyond the weirdest collab that Jay-Z has ever done. It’s blowing up unexpectedly worldwide because the overall sound is so FRESH! and out of this world. Originally, this song was called “New Kind Of Day” until special guests appeared. The original song with Deacon on vocals is available on Itunes. Word around the studio is a new track featuring NAS is in the works. Sounds are about to get interesting. WARNING : WORDS LIKE “FUCK” AND “SHIT “ MAKE AN APPEARANCE ON THIS SONG. DON’T TELL BUT DO PLAY

5. Everywhere At Once - The last song recorded for the album and Deacon’s favorite song on the whole album. This one comes out beating the shit out of your cage. You can play this song while chasing blood on a highway. Give it time to blossom. This song has many movements and touches elements of Pinkerton and Pantera if they fused with Brian Wilson. Play it loud. No really....L O U D. Release your restrictions and live it up for six minutes.

6. The Explanation of Rock&Roll Narrated by David Gilmour - Have you ever endlessly crafted something and never been satisfied because you know you could do better? Welcome to a musicians struggle within.

7. Questions (On My Side) - This beauty is wide open with a soulful blues at first. Although,if you let it breathe, it evolves into a giant rock&roll orchestra that would put a smile on Wayne Cohen’s face. Recorded with longtime band mate Jeff Smothers of Dumb Angel. Have you ever heard Dumb Angel? Underground band of the century!

8. Everythings Right Now - Welcome to modern freak pop. With a taste for Eno and strange, this track will unlock your secret obsession with experimentation and psychedelic vision. Recorded in Nashville with Jeff Smothers of Dumb Angel. Have you ever heard the album Low? Ever rocked a Kraftwork album? Unleash the strange!

9. 11th Street - Named after a naughty street in Tulsa, this jam shows afro rhythm with a sophisticated street limp. Another track that will start the festivities and keep you on a good vibe. Recorded in Nashville with Jeff Smothers of Dumb Angel, this track began as a free form jam and ended up untouched. This is loose funk shining humanistic swing.

10. Dienasty - Wait for it........when the beat drops you gotta turn it up. When Deacon’s little brother (Walker) starts to shine the confidence of speak, turn it up again. Deacon and Walker recorded this experimental bomb with the attempt of Chromedomathonic Hieroglyphics and hip hop/soul. Outside of the definitive song title, Dienasty stands up with one foot on lavish soul and the other foot on youth and manhood. You will shit egg rolls. jk

11. Never Had The Time - This is a chilling obsession. With a Velvet Underground sickness, this is your slow burner. This is your pillow of overdose. This is an excellent vocal take by Jeff Smothers of Dumb Angel. Picture that movie scene. Think about her. Get lost within and let this ghost carry you through the second half of this record called Pirate Radio.

-Intermission -

12. Fun To Die - Oh yeah! We are back and on fucking fire!!! Dance your rock face until flush. 60’s orchestrated garage. Murderous rebellion. Fuzz yourself again. Do the Sonic Youth Headshake

13. Question #7 - ?

14. The Death Of Us All - Seems to be a fresh release. This song wastes no time in showing big muff power and television fuzz. With the help of Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and Zac King, Deacon unleashes a heavy one here with feedback explosions and restraint. Another one you can happily do the Sonic Youth Headshake to. If you are unfamiliar with The Sonic Youth Headshake, go see the pioneers of feedback heaven and start a riot.

15. What This World Is Doing To Me - Let’s not forget the funk and bring it laid back with words of wisdom brought to you by Sinistar of the ghetto soul band Def Trigger. You will be singing along in no time. If you’re driving, slow down and turn this up. It works.

16. The Chilled Insane - The dynamics of this modern rock song will please the ears. Lush vocal harmonies express Deacon’s love for Brian Wilson. Drums and engineering are perfectly executed by Shannon Forrest (See Modern Drummer magazine for more about this genius) This particular song is a genre on it’s own. Some have compared it to U2 or The Police. Others have spoken of Pink Floyd and The Verve. Deacon says, “It sounds like opinions have evolved into comfort food.” Just push play.

17. High School Pleasure - This is the official party song of the album. Written and performed by Chrome Dome and Deacon one late summer night in Fayetteville, AR. Go Hogs! This groove speaks about the jack ass of the party, a strip version of Clue, plastic hatchet throwing, swimming with nothing but your floaties on, etc. This is the greatest party ever known by man ever!

18. Bleed Into The Night - The intro comes in like a movie scene. Very smooth freaky pop. A little Eno, a little Bowie, a little McDeezee, a lot of Beach Boy harmonies, Sly Stone freak outs, etc. A very dark lyric by Jeff Smothers of Dumb Angel here. Women will always be the heart and soul of a musician’s outlet. Or is it philosophy? Let’s think

19. Can’t Let You Go - The needle drops on a 45 and psychedelic garage begins. The organ comes with 96 tears. The swagger shows up with a violent twist competition. The sax player shows up and the crowd goes wild. This is some garage on fire.

20. Invitation

21. Head Over Heels - floating upon the ocean, the sunset ignites a taste for Ultra Lounge and cocktails. New colors appear and mirror checks are required. Physical over materialistic is the verdict.

22. Time Does Tell - This song is a show off. A musician’s friend. One of those long album cuts that ends up at the top of your list after a good listen. This song also features a very special guest by the name of Michael McDonald. The piano solo and background harmonies McDeezee provides on this song simply complete the song and take it to another level. And then you have Shannon Forrest on drums and engineering. Shannon is beyond words.

23. Lean On The Light - “This is my most meaningful song”


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